Online Hebrew Bible   Deut 5:19

Deuteronomy 5:19

Nikud (with vowel pointing):

[def. art. + n. mp]
[def. art + pron. pl.]
[v. Pi'el 3ms affix]
[n. ms]
[prep. + def. art. + n. ms]
[prep. + n. ms]
[adj. ms]
[conj. + neg. part.]
[ord. number mp constr.]
[n. fp]
[n. mp]
[prep. + 1cs obj. pron.]

Stam (without vowel pointing):

English Translation:

     Adonai spoke these words to all the assembly on the mountain, from the midst of the fire, the cloud and the thick cloud - a great voice that did not repeat - and He wrote them on two tablets of stone and He gave them to me.