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According to our founding document, the aims of The Messianic Education Trust are:

  1. to promote, support and fund Messianic Jewish Education in the Jewish and Church communities
  2. to research, develop, promote and deliver educational material and courses consistent with the Biblical text, Jewish tradition and Messianic Judaism
  3. to organise, plan and co-ordinate educational events, conferences, seminars and other opportunities for forwarding Messianic Jewish education
  4. to liaise, co-operate and connect with other organisations involved in Messianic Jewish education and Messianic Judaism

We aim to develop, produce and deliver high-quality educational materials and courses that will lead to Messianic Judaism being recognised as a true 'Judaism' both by the Church and the Jewish communities. We seek to encourage both Jews and Gentiles to live well and fully in relationship with G-d, based upon a sure knowledge of Scripture, tradition and a lively and robust faith in Messiah Yeshua.

We are committed to engage with both Jewish Tradition and the traditional Jewish texts, as well as modern scholarship and research, to promote an authentic Messianic Jewish lifestyle based upon Torah values, advocating study and practice together to develop character, and encouraging faith by the power of the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit).