Here is a fun quiz to do, all about the story of Esther! Unless you already know the Purim story really well, then it might be a good idea to read the story first in the Bible, or you can read our version of the story here! Another fun thing you could do is to take the quiz now, go and read the Purim story and then come back and see how much you have learned!
At the bottom of this page of quiz questions you will find a link to the answers page. Why don't you write down your answers to the questions and then you can easily compare them with the answers on the next page and see how well you did!
Enjoy doing the quiz!!

Quiz Questions:

  1. Who commanded that Purim was to be celebrated by Jews every year?
    1. King Xerxes
    2. Mordecai
    3. Queen Esther

  2. What is the Jewish date for Purim?
    1. 13th of Adar
    2. 14th of Adar
    3. 15th of Adar

  3. What did Mordecai do that made King Xerxes want to honour him?
    1. Make known a plot to kill the King
    2. Invite him to a banquet
    3. Kill many of the King's enemies in battle

  4. What is King Xerxes full name in Aramaic?
    1. Achashverosh
    2. Ahaserus
    3. Ahavernosh

  5. What did Mordecai refuse to do that made Haman angry?
    1. He refused to throw a banquet for Haman
    2. He refused to bow down to Haman
    3. He refused to tell the King how wonderful he thought Haman was

  6. What was the name of the woman Xerxes divorced at the beginning of the story of Esther?
    1. Vester
    2. Vada
    3. Vashti

  7. How many provinces did King Xerxes' empire include?
    1. 172
    2. 127
    3. 137

  8. How many banquets did Queen Esther give for King Xerxes and Haman?
    1. Three
    2. One
    3. Two

  9. How many sons did Haman have?
    1. Ten
    2. Twelve
    3. Eight

  10. What did Haman tell the people when he led Mordecai round Susa?
    1. "This is what happens to those the King likes!"
    2. "This is what happens to those the King wants to please!"
    3. "This is what happens to those the King wants to honour!"

  11. How many chapters are there in the Book of Esther?
    1. Eight
    2. Nine
    3. Ten

  12. What was Queen Esther's Jewish name?
    1. Hannah
    2. Hadassah
    3. Hester

  13. What did Mordecai do when he heard about Haman's plan to kill all the Jews?
    1. Put on sackcloth and ashes
    2. Found Haman and had a fight with him
    3. Went immediately to complain to the King

  14. What was the name of Haman's wife?
    1. Teresh
    2. Zelda
    3. Zeresh

  15. For how long did Queen Esther have beauty treatments before meeting the King?
    1. One year
    2. Two years
    3. Six months

  16. How was Haman going to get rid of Mordecai?
    1. Hang him
    2. Exile him to a far-away land
    3. Sell him as a slave

  17. For how long did Queen Esther and her maids fast before Queen Esther went and invited the King to a banquet?
    1. Three hours
    2. One day
    3. Three days

  18. What were the names of the two men who wanted to kill King Xerxes?
    1. Bigdan and Teresh
    2. Bigthan and Teresh
    3. Bigthan and Zeresh

  19. Who did King Xerxes appoint as Prime Minister at the end of the story of Esther?
    1. Mordecai
    2. Hagai
    3. Haman's eldest son

  20. How many times is G-d's name mentioned in the Book of Esther?
    1. Ten times
    2. Not at all
    3. Two times

Quiz Answers

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