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Messianic Education Trust offers a series of Hebrew classes for complete beginners. The classes assume no knowledge of Hebrew or the Alef-Bet at all - they start from scratch. The series is entitled "Reading and Exploring Biblical Hebrew ..." and each set of classes lasts approximately ten weeks, one evening per week [1].

The first level class is called "... On One Leg" which is named after the often-told story from the Talmud where a gentile asked first Shammai and then Hillel (the famous first century BCE rabbis) to teach him Torah "while standing on one leg".

Course Objectives:

  1. to master the Hebrew alef-bet: consonants, vowels and diphthongs
  2. to be able to sound out and pronounce Hebrew words
  3. to be able to read basic Hebrew vowel-pointed texts
  4. to be able to write/copy Hebrew text in a printed style
  5. to be able to use basic Hebrew language tools
  6. to start getting a feel for sentence structure and rhythm
  7. to start recognising basic words and vocabulary

The Course is not:

  1. a formal, rigorous Hebrew course working with grammar and vocabulary
  2. a conversational Hebrew speaking class
  3. denominational or doctrinal

The second level class, moving on from that starting point, is called "... The Next Step". This class starts to address verbs in a more formal way and covers a wider range of texts, looking both at the Hebrew Bible, the Siddur and Hebraisms found in the Hebrew sub-text [2] of the Gospels.

The third level class, building on the foundation already laid, uses a formal text book and moves steadily on with learning both vocabulary and grammar. This is done in the order in which both are found in the Hebrew Bible text, so that at each step a growing quantity of the Hebrew becomes recognisable and translatable. The class works through Psalm 119 as a translation exercise during these classes.

The fourth level class, continues to work with the formal text book while at the same time broadening the scope of translation texts and exercises. The books of Ruth and Hosea are used as translation exercises, while a review of the material covered so far cements in place the syntax and grammar that has been learnt.

Level V classes switch to a more advanced text book, use 1 Samuel and Isaiah as translation texts and start to work with unpointed texts.

Please see our Calendar for details of the classes currently being held or planned, or contact us to ask about arranging a class.

1. while the classes are normally offered as evening classes, one evening per week, they can also be presented in morning or afternoon sessions of longer duration so as to cover the ground more quickly

2. while there is insufficient evidence to be certain that any of the Gospels were originally written in Hebrew, there is very clear evidence that significant portions of the material in the Gospels was originally taught and transmitted by oral tradition in Hebrew